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AFMC is completely a residential institution. The medical students are treated as 'Medical Cadets'. It is compulsory for them to stay in the dormitories as provided by the college authority, The cadets must follow all rules and regulations regarding customs and etiquette, decorum and decency of the dormitory living as framed or will be framed from time to time by the college authority. There are separate dormitories for male and female medical cadets near the college campus. Rooms, once allotted to the cadets are not changed without specific sanction by the administration. Visiting hours as per standing operating procedure are strictly adhered to. In case of female cadets only those visitors are allowed whose names have been notified to the college authority by their parents/ guardian.

Medical cadets are provided with messing and allied services including laundry facilities. The messing, laundry and allied charges are paid by the cadets.

On arrival at Armed Forces Medical College, medical cadets are issued with all necessary uniform and other supporting items. The cost of which are met out of outfit charge payable by the cadets


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