Application form for Foreign Applicant


Admission form fillup

Following terms and conditions govern the admission and pursuance of the course of study in AFMC: (For AFMC 20)

(a) Category of Medical Cadets. There are two categories of cadets.

(1) AMC Cadets. After completion of internship training, AMC cadets will have to join Army Medical Corps (AMC) according to the requirement of Bangladesh Army subject to vacancy of the corps and ISSB selection. AMC cadets are exempted from admission fees and tuition fees. But they have to pay caution money, outfit and messing and laundry charges as per existing rates.

(2) AFMC Cadets. They have no compulsion to join AMC. Interested candidates will have the opportunity to join AMC like graduates from other medical colleges.

 (b) Eligibility for Admission: Candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

(1) Age - Maximum 20 years on

1st July 2017

(2) Sex - Male/Female

(3) Marital status - Unmarried

(4) Nationality - Bangladeshi by birth

(5) Educational qualification - Must have passed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or their equivalent examinations having Physics, Chemistry and Biology in HSC or its equivalent.

The minimum educational performances are as follows:

a. AMC  Cadets: The   students   must   have   total minimum GPA 10.00 (GPA 5.00 each SSC & HSC or its equivalent examinations)
b. AFMC  Cadets:The  students  must  have  total minimum   GPA   9.00   of   SSC   &   HSC   or   its equivalent examinations.

c. For  tribal  candidates  must  have  total  GPA  8.00 & minimum GPA 3.50 in either of SSC & HSC or its equivalent examinations. 

 d. For   all, Candidates   must   have minimum 3.50 Grade point in Biology in HSC or its equivalent examinations.

(6) Physical standard. The candidates must be physically fit and confirm to the minimum physical standard as laid down below:

For AMC Cadets

a. Height (Minimum)

Male : 1.63 m (5’-4’’) Female : 1.57 m (5’-2’’)

b. Weight: As per existing weight chart of Armed Forces Personnel. Minimum weight of the applicants shall be as under:


Male : 45.45 Kg (100 lbs) Female : 40.90 Kg (90 lbs)

C. Chest (Minimum) Male : Normal –76 cm (30’’) Expanded –81 cm (32’’) Female : Normal –71 cm (28’’) Expanded –76 cm (30’’)

d. Visual Standard : Visual Standard 6/6 (± 1.5 (Spherical); ± 1.0 (Cylindrical). * Colour blindness will not be accepted.

e. Hearing Standard: Hearing must be within normal limit. Note: Weight should be proportionate to the height and age as standard in the Armed Forces.

For AFMC Cadets: To be fit by a medical board.

(c) Ineligibility for Application

(1) Found medically unfit by a medical board/appeal medical board (for AMC cadets only). (2) Expelled or terminated from Army/Navy/Air Force or any Government service on any ground.

 (3) Twice screened out/rejected by Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB). Once rejected and once screened out candidates may apply (for AMC cadets only).

(4) Convicted by any court for any criminal offence.

(5) Those who have passed SSC or its equivalent examination before 2014

(d) Selection of Cadets

(e) There is no Male - Female ratio for AFMC cadets. Male - Female ratio will be 70:30 for AMC cadets only.

Admission of Foreign Citizen.

Upto 10% of total seats (maximum 10) will be kept reserved for foreign citizen. All the rules and regulations for AFMC cadets are equally applicable for the foreign cadets. Eligibility will be as follows: (1) Educational qualification must be as that of Bangladeshi student (as per sub-para b and c of para 16). (2) Marital status : Unmarried

 (3) Age : 22 yrs maximum (as on 1st July 2017)

 (4) Physically fit, certified by medical board.

(5) Security clearance by concerned authority.