Department of Anatomy is responsible for teaching pre-clinical cadets of AFMC. The department teaches various discipline of Anatomy namely Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Neuro anatomy, Histology, Radiological Anatomy and Living Anatomy providing special emphasis on general, applied and functional aspects. Three academic terms cater for 530 hours out of which theoretical lectures cover 115 hours and rest 415 hours are for practical, dissection and demonstration classes.

Faculty Members

Brig Gen Md Ahsan Habib MBBS, M Phil, MMEd
Professor & Head of the Department
Lt Col Anju Manara MBBS, MS
Associate Professor

Lt Col Mahmuda Ayub MBBS, MPhil
Assistant Professor
Lt Col Nasrin Begum MBBS, MPhil
Assistant Professor

Lt Col Sharmin Hossain MBBS, MPhil
Assistant Professor
Dr Rowshan Ara Begum MBBS

Dr. TanjimaRawnak
Dr Munmun Rahman Tania MBBS

Dr Shahnaz Sultana Bipasha, MBBS



Affiliated Faculty Members/Teachers

Lt Col Md. Azizur Rahman MBBS, M Phil